This repository is provided to fulfil the HSE’s statutory duties under the provisions of Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17th November 2003, as transposed into Irish law by the European Communities (Re Use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005 and 2008 [S.I. No. 279 of 2005 and S.I. No. 103 of 2008]


Whilst every care will be taken to preserve, conserve and protect the content and integrity of the Repository, the HSE/LENUS is not liable for loss, damage or destruction of any documents or other materials, howsoever caused, while stored within the repository nor for any unauthorised use of such materials or breach of copyright committed by repository users.

Take Down Policy

 LENUS is a digital repository and the intention is that deposited content should not be removed. 

 Possible reasons for removal include:

  • Potential copyright infringement

  • Legal requirements

  • Falsified research

Making a complaint

If you wish to issue a complaint regarding items available on LENUS, please contact  and include the following information in your notice:

·        Your contact details

·        Bibliographic details for the item (title, author, date of publication etc.), including a URL

·        An outline of the nature of the complaint

Responding to a complaint

In the event of a complaint the LENUS team will respond in the following manner.

 ·        Promptly acknowledge receipt of the complaint

·        Immediately remove the item(s) in question from public view pending further investigation

·        Where necessary seek professional legal advice to assist in resolution of the complaint.

·   If the investigation finds in the complainant’s favour, then we will remove the item permanently from the repository unless the complainant gives us permission to retain it. 

·        Withdrawn items metadata record(s)/URLs are retained indefinitely to avoid loss of historical record together with a note explaining the reasons for withdrawal.

 Authors - Negotiating with publishers

Publisher copyright policy restricts us from including some items on LENUS, however in some cases publishers are prepared to make exceptions to their policies when approached directly by the author of an article.  If your publisher does not allow deposit (check the Sherpa Romeo database to view publisher copyright policy or we are unable to clear the item for any other reason you can assist by:

  • Contacting your publisher directly indicating that you would like to include your article (s) on LENUS.

Increasingly research funders are making the availability of funding for research conditional on depositing the research in an open repository such as LENUS.  Please include details of any such arrangement when contacting the publisher.

 If the publisher does grant permission for your article(s) to be included on LENUS please confirm this by e-mailing us at


Items will not be included on LENUS without the consent of the publisher.