What will I find in Lenus?

The information below describes the various collections available in Lenus.

Collection development policy:

Please note: Irish health organisations are encouraged to register on Lenus and directly submit publications for inclusion.  Fulltext is not always available for every publication in Lenus particularly not in the "ongoing research" collections.

The Irish Health Repository is currently made up of 6 'communities':

  1. Health Care Professionals 
  2. HSE 
  3. Hospital Research 
  4. Other Irish Health Publications 
  5. Research Articles 
  6. Special Collections 


Each collection is governed by a policy for content inclusion.

1.  Health Care Professionals Collection Policy for Content Inclusion

(This collection was added in May 2011 and renamed from HSCP (IS) to Health and Social Care Professionals in 2014.  It was then renamed to Health Care Professionals in September 2015 to capture research by all health care professionals, not only those that fall into the HSCP category.  For example it includes Nursing & Midwifery Research)

This collection is made up of research articles and ongoing research by professions falling under the category of Health and Social Care Professionals.  Mostly these professionals work in Primary Community and Continuing Care areas (formerly known as Integrated Services) as opposed to hospital settings.  Further divisions under the HSCP collection is made by profession e.g. Radio therapists, Social Workers etc.  Posters and conference presentations are not included.  This is not restricted to HSE staff it includes all HSCP professionals.  Fulltext may not always be available.

2.  HSE Collection Policy for Content Inclusion

This collection includes all publications produced by the Health Service Executive and former health boards, area health boards, HeBE and those of the 6 agencies to be integrated into the Health Service Executive (from Oct 2008)-

1.      National Cancer Screening Service

2.      National Cancer Registry

3.      Drug Treatment Centre Board

4.      Crisis Pregnancy Agency

5.      Post Graduate Medical & Dental Board

6.      National Council for Professional Development of Nursing & Midwifery

It also includes publications produced by arms of the HSE with their own websites including:
HSE employers agency (hseea.ie)
Health Protection Surveillance Centre (www.hpsc.ie)
HSE Immunisation website (www.immunisation.ie)
HSE Performance and development (formerly Office for Health Management)

3.  Hospital Research Policy for Content Inclusion.

(This collection was added in February 2011)

This collection is divided into province to include all hospitals (non-HSE & HSE hospitals):

  • Connacht
  • Leinster
  • Munster
  • Ulster

A list of hospitals appears within each province.  Research both published and approved is collected for all Irish hospitals engaged in research.  A separate collection for ongoing research is included.  Some collections will not have complete fulltext as it may not always be available.  This is in line with the Workstream one project of the Action Plan for Health Research (DoH) policy report.  Posters and conference presentations are not included unless submitted by CEO of Hospital.

4.  Other Irish Health Publications Collection Policy for Content Inclusion.


The content of this collection is divided into 3 categories:


  1. Core health organisations
  2. Case-by-case organisations
  3. Exclusions


Each organisation is assigned its own collection within this community.  The majority of publications are under the “publications” collection.  These are being migrated into organisation-specific collections since summer 2011.  This organisation-specific collectiosn are grouped into categories as shown below:


Some organisations listed contribute publications directly to Lenus.  Others are collected and catalogued by a team of HSE library staff.

6.  Research Articles Policy for content inclusion


This collection is made up of journal articles and some theses published on the topic of Irish health and written or co-written by authors based in Ireland.  Sources include PubMed in the main.  Research papers must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal or by a statutory organisation. Theses and dissertations must have been passed by an accredited third-level institution or equivalent bodies.  Some posters and conference presentations are included.



7.  Special Collections Policy for content inclusion


(This collection was added in March 2011)


This collection is made up of digitized content for example from the Grangegorman mental hospital archive.  This collection maybe added to over time.